What is a cryptocurrency casino

Cryptocurrencies are getting stronger every day, which has led many casinos to include this option among their forms of payment. In fact, there are casinos that only accept cryptocurrencies, known as crypto casinos. Take a look at the casinos that accept bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or other similar cryptocurrencies.


Crypto casinos, as their name suggests, are the casinos that accept transactions in cryptocurrencies. The casino you use may be considered a crypto casino, as any house that includes this form of payment is considered part of this group. There are also casinos that only accept this type of virtual currency, mostly bitcoin, although there are also operators that work with all types of cryptocurrencies.

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Crypto casinos are actually similar to standard casinos in terms of game offerings. In fact, they work with the same slot and live game providers as other regular casinos. We insist, the only difference is that they base their platform on cryptocurrency transactions, but nothing more!

These types of casinos usually have large bonuses. They are usually similar to those offered on other betting websites. On the other hand, there are also houses that accept all types of payments, but have special bonuses reserved for those users who choose to use cryptocurrencies in their transactions.

Another of the great advantages of crypto casinos is that they have a version of the web to play from your mobile or an app. Allowing the player to choose from where and when to play. Normally, the same options that appear on your computer will appear on your phone.


As block technology continues to develop and cryptocurrencies become more popular, more and more casinos will accept all kinds of virtual money. But for now, the most common are:

  • Bitcoin – it is undoubtedly the most popular cryptocurrency. It is accepted by more and more casinos every day and is the favorite of the players. By using it, players are more protected. In addition, the decentralization of the currency allows you to have complete control of your money at all times.
  • Ethereum – this is considered the second strongest cryptocurrency after bitcoin. Thanks to this coin, block technology was simplified and it was this that caused its popularity to rise. This currency is already accepted in many crypto casinos as a payment option.

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  • Litecoin – even though this cryptocurrency looks a lot like bitcoin, it has its own quirks. Payments made with this currency are fast and secure, and the customer can remain anonymous at all times.
  • Monero – this currency is used by those players with special concern for their safety and anonymity. It is these two qualities that make monero so popular. But be careful, check that the casino you have chosen also has the deposit and withdrawal option in this cryptocurrency.
  • Ripple – in addition to a cryptocurrency, ripple is a platform where you can exchange your money. By using this currency, you can get wide deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as allowing you to make transactions much faster than other digital currencies.